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M2 Bradley (United States)

The M2 Bradley is an American armored fighting vehicle in service with the United States Army. The M2 is the successor of the M-113. The bradley is used to transport infantry units to the battlefield.
The Bradley M2 can also transport infantry soldiers and support them with heavy fire when necessary. At the end of 1994, 4641 M2 Bradley vehicles have been manufactured for the US Army.
A versions
There are, M2A0, M2A1, M2A2 and M2A3 versions. M2A0 is the basis version. The M2A1 can be armored with a TOW 2 missile. The M2A2 has a increased survivability. All A0 and A1 will become updated till A2 and all A2 till the A3 version.
The upgrade till A3 includes a improved situational awareness and a digital command and control capacity which are essential by superior information during combats.

A3 upgrade

- a vehicle control and operation system with automatic crew functions. This is to enlarge of situational awareness, transmitting, receiving, storing and display of digital data transmission. This digital capacity has been standardized with all other components in the US Army.
- a increased Bradley accuracy system (IBAS): a independent commander viewer, 2 second generation FLIR's for increased target acquire.
- a position navigation system with a GPS receiver to improve the situational awareness.

Now the Bradley is be able to get information for situational awareness from other "participants" like radar planes, fighter jets, combat helicopters, command posts, special forces, and reconnaissance units,
Specify information about the armoring is classified.

a M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle from the 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, in Iraq
"Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army" by Shane A. Cuomo

Bradley infantry fighting vehicle patrol the Abu Ghurayb Market in Baghdad
"Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army" by DoD
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Last updated: August 15, 2010