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Army Material-->Western Artillery-->M-110 Howitzer
M-110 Howitzer (United States)

The M-110 self-propelled howitzer has been developed to provide the US Army with medium-range field artillery. The M-110 has been developed by the American company Bowen-McLauchlin-York of York in Pennsylvania.
The first M-110 came in service by the US Army in 1963. The US Army had about 1023 M-110 A2 Howitzers in 1990. It has been used during the Vietnam war. The crew was 12 men.
The M-110 was used by the army's of: the United States, Germany, United-Kingdom, the Netherlands and is still being used by the Spanish Army.

The M-110 Howitzer has been designed in such way that it could use the same munitions used by the whole M- artillery family. It is similar with the M-107 but has another barrel. The munitions had a weight of 200 pound and was 8-inch. The grenade velocity was 2300 feet per and the range was up to 23 Km. The M-110 has a Detrot diesel engine with a maximum speed between 30 and 45 mile per hour.

Royal Netherlands Army
The M-110 came in service by the Royal Netherlands Army in 1968 to replace the M-115. Between September 1991 and 1992 all Dutch units have been discharged.

Spanish Army M-110 A2
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Last updated: August 15, 2010