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Leclerc (France)

The Leclerc tank has been developed by the French company Giat (now Nexter Systems) for the French Army. The Leclerc is also in service with the army of the United Arabian Emirates.
The leclerc battle tanks are equipped with an 120 mm NATO canon (52 caliber) with 120 mm NATO ammunition. The ammunition is loaded automatically. Thanks to mobility, firepower and precision firepower in all terrains, the leclerc creates a new tempo of maneuver. With his weight of 56 tons, the leclerc accelerates from 0 tot 30km/h in less than 6 seconds.

The leclerc (S-XXI series) is equipped with a composite modular protection to follow new technologies of hostile threats.

The Leclerc has a battle management system to have a continuous communication on the battlefield to follow the technical status of the tank. It also has a integrated ground radar.

The French army has about 300 Leclerc tanks (2001) but that number will be increased to 406 tanks in 2006.

Specifications Leclerc (French Army)
Crew: 3
Combat weight: less than 56.6 tons
Military load class: 62
Engine power: 1500 hp
Relation thrust/weight: more than 26.5 hp/tons
Engine: Wärtsilä-SACM V8X Hyperbar diesel
Transmission: SESM ESM 500, automatic with 5 forward and 2 reverse gears
Acceleration: 0-32 km/h in less than 5 seconds
Fuel tank: 1300 liters or 1700 with extern tanks
Refueling in: 8 minutes
Max. range on road: 550km with extern (fuel)-tanks
APU: integrated TURBOMECA gas turbine
Suspension: Hydropneumatic
Maximum speed
-road: 72 km/h
-field: more than 55 km/h
-reverse: 38 km/h
Length: 6.88 meters
Width: 3.60 meters
Height: 2.54 meter
Max. vertical obstacles:
-forwards: 1.25 meters
-reverse: 0.6 meters
Through water
-without preparation: 1 meters
-with preparation: 1.9 meters
Armament: stabilized 120mm/52-cal.
Ammunition load: fully automatic isolated in the turret
Coaxial machine gun: 12.7 mm
Machine gun turret: 2x 7.62mm MG
Ammunition: 40 rockets 120mm where of 22 ready for use
950 x 12.7 mm for machine gun
Observation: 360 degrees HL 70 stabilized panoramic commander sight with double expansion, laser range seeker and thermal image, HL 60 stabilized camouflaged gunners with thermal image, laser range seeker, day channel and tv channel
Ballistic protection: advanced modular armour packets with variation in armoring
Galix protection: 2 x 9 launcher tubes (rook, short protection and infrared decoy grenades
Turret control: electrical
Radio: 2 frequency hopping radio sets
Battlefield management system: SIT ICONE
Navigation: Inertial navigation system
Seekspeed: 1.79 m/s

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Last updated: August 15, 2010