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All armored vehicles like the hummer and the Humvee in Iraq were not armored before. Now the US Industry is producing lots of armour for all the humvees. The Army has ordered 8.105 Humvees and there are already 5.190 in Iraq and Afghanistan. The producer of the Humvee makes 4.000 a year and each humvee costs $ 150.000.
The Hummers must protect the American troops against insurgent bombs, guns and rockets and improved explosion ordnance.
The planners of the war had a rosy mind about Iraq and didn't thought they needed so much heavy material for a long time.
There were with the invasion in Iraq to less US troops and to less material. Military planners and officials made faulty ''analysis and a failed strategy''. Secretary of Defence minister Donald Rumsfeld is a man who has more trust in high-tech weapons than in more troops. But most military leaders in the Army says that more troops are required to win ''heart-of-minds'' of the civilians.

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Last updated: August 15, 2010