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OV-10 Bronco

The OV-10 Bronco was developed by the American company Rockwell for the United States Marine Corps (USMC). It made his maiden flight in 1967. The OV-10 was designed as a Counter-Insurgency aircraft.
The OV-10 can be used light attack missions, reconnaissance, helicopter escort, Forward Air Control and observation. 356 Bronco's were build for the United States Navy, the USMC and foreign users. in 1960 the US Air Force toke delivery of the first OV-10A for usage in Vietnam. Around 157 OV-10 Bronco's have been purchased by the USAF.

OV-10A: version for the USMC
OV-10B: version for Germany
OV-10C: version for Thailand (42 delivered and still in service)
OV-10D: Night Observation Surveillance (NOS) version for the USMC. This has improved engines, wingpods for rocked pods, flare pods, free fall bombs (250lb laser guided bombs) and extern fuel tanks. They are also equipped with the AN/AAS-37 FLIR sensor and laser target designator which are mounted in a rotating dome beneath the nose. Under the fuselage is the M97 20mm machine gun mounted. Furthermore, the OV-10D can be equipped with the APR-39 radar, ALE-39 chaff/flare dispensers and a IR engine exhaust suppression system.
OV-10E and -F: version for the air force of Venezuela (16 aircraft) and Indonesia (16 aircraft).

United States Marine Corps OV-10D Bronco
OV-10D Thailand Air Force OV-10C
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Last updated: 12 October 2014