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AMX (Italy, Brazil)

The AMX is a fighter jet developed by Italy and Brazil. The AMX is in use by the Italian Air Force (136 aircraft since 1989), the Brazilian Air Force (94 aircraft since 1990) and the Air Force of Venezuela.
The AMX project was established in Italy to fill the requirement of the Italian Air force. They wanted aa new combat aircraft for ground attacks. In 1982, Brazil joint the project. The project was done by 3 companies: Italy with Alenia Aeronautica (46.5%) and Aermacchi (23.8%) and Brazil with Embraer (29.7%).

Prime contractor Alenia, Aermacchi (Italy) and Embraer (Brazil)
Length 13.23 meters
Height 4.55 meters
Wingspan 9.97 meters
Wingsurface 21.0 m2
Aspect ratio  
Engines 1 Rolls-Royce Fiat Avio RB.168-807 turbofan motor
Thrust 5000 kgs/sec
Weight (empty) 6.700 kgs
Weight (start, maximum, MTOW) 13.000 kgs
Weight (landing, maximum)  
Cruise speed  
Maximum speed Mach 0.86
Ceiling 13.000 meters
Maximum range  
Fuel capacity  
Air-to-air-refueling + capacity Yes
Armament Standard: 20mm M61-A1 Vulcan board canon. Ability to launch air-to-air missiles
Maximum weapon load  
Maximum G resistance  
Required runway length (start)  
Required runway length (landing)  
Type flight controls fly-by-wire system
Landing gear  
Crew 1
Operational since November 1989
Successor of F-104G Starfighter (by Italy)
Users (current and future) Italy (110) en Brazil

The Italian Air Force has an inventory of 110 AMX combat aircraft. These are equipped with systems like: a fly-by-wire control, a head-up display, GPS and they can drop laser guided bombs.

At the end of 2009, four AMX jets were send to Afghanistan to support the ISAF operation.

Italian Air Force AMX
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Last updated: August 7, 2010