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Boeing 767

The Boeing 767 is a from origin commercial airplane which has been developed by the American company Boeing
. There have been made some military variants for the US Air Force and other air forces.
There are countries which use their military B767 airplanes only for transport but also for very special purposes.
Civil operators

-200 series
The Boeing 767-200 (B762) is used by airlines like:

Air Italy
American Airlines
First Air
Omni Air Expres
Safi Airways
United Airlines
US Airways

-300 series
The Boeing 767-300 (B763) is used by airlines like:

Air Canada
Air New Zealand
All Nippon Airways
American Airlines
Arke Fly
Azerbaijan Airlines
Blue Panorama
British Airways
Delta Airlines
Euro Atlantic
Hawaiian Airlines
Japan Airlines
LAN Airlines
LAN Argentina
MIAT Mongolian Airlines
North American Airlines
Omni Air International
Royal Air Maroc

Ryan International
S7 Airlines
Santa Barbara Airlines
Shanghai Airlines
Thomas Cook Airlines
Thomson Airways
TUIfly Nordic
United Airlines
UPS Airlines
Uzbekistan Airways

-400 series
The Boeing 767-400 (B764) is used by airlines like:

Delta Airlines
United Airlines

Military operators

- KC-767
The Italian air force has bought 4 KC-767 tanker airplanes. More info click here

- Boeing 767 AWACS
The Japanese air self-defence force has bought Boeing 767 airplanes which are specially equipped for the AWACS task.

Martinair Boeing 767-300ER (civil)
Arke Fly Boeing 767  

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Last updated: 31 March 2013