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The Su-34 has been developed as a 2-seater attack aircraft version of the Su-27, called Su-27UB by the Russian company Sukhoi.
The export version is designated as Su-32.
The development started in the 80 years. In 1986 it was converted so it could also bombing. The first aircraft was build in 1993 an made in december of that year his first flight. In 1995 they saw it as a new aircraft type and gave it the name Su-32. In 2004 were 8 aircraft build by the Novosibirsk plant. They expect that the Su-32 will replace the Su-24.

Some important characteristics are:
  • large weapon load with air launched guided weapons
  • high loading capacity by increasing the fuselage, landing gear, and a larger fuel tank
  • ability to receive fuel in the air
  • improved damage control by extra armour on the cockpit and important systems, reducing of explosion danger thanks to a safe fuel tank filled with PU-foam
  • advanced avionics, a PAA radar, a optic search and trace station, integrated safety packets

Engine: 2 x AL-31F Length: 23.34m
Thrust (with afterburner): 12,500 -2 % Height: 6.09m
Maximum ceiling: 15km Wingspan: 14.7m
Maximum weapon load: 8000kg  
Maximum speed (mean sea level):1400km/h  
Maximum speed (at altitude): 1900km/h  
Maximum range: 1100km  
Maximum G capacity: 9G  
Crew: 2  
Refueling capacity:1100 dm3/min  

Su-34 (MAKS 2011, Moscow)
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Last updated: September 9, 2011