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C-5 Galaxy (United States)

The C-5 Galaxy is a 4-engine heavy-transport aircraft developed by the American company Lockheed. It belongs to one of the worlds largest aircraft types. There are about 110 aircraft in operational service: 70 by the US Air Force and the others by the US National Reserve.
The total length is 75.3 meters. The C-5 can take-off and land without a paved runway. The C-5 has back and front load facilities for operational usage on forward air bases without airport facilities. Thanks to this the C-5 can transport troops and cargo to the Forward Air Bases for the frontline.

The C-5 has 2 floors. The under-floor is only for transport. The upper-floor has 73 chairs for the crew. When the under floor would be rebuild with chairs the C-5 would have a maximum of 329 seats. The standard crew contains: a pilot, co-pilot, 3 loadmasters and 2 flight-engineers.
The C-5 has communication and navigation systems so it can operate without ground navigation facilities.

The US Air Force will update the C-5 fleet (60 C-5A, 50 C-5B and 2 C-5C) after 45.000 hours with a Avionics Modernization Program (AMP) and the Re-Engine and Reliability Program (RERP). AMP contains improved flight safety, improved navigation and a comply with Global Air Traffic Management System. The cockpit will be updated with a collision avoidance system, a 6screen glass cockpit, weather-radar and collision avoidance-data. These systems are being installed at the Galaxy's operating at Travis and Dover AFB.
The RERP contains a replacement by new engines, the General Electric CF6-80C2-L1F (military designation is F138-GE-100). These engines generate 22% more power, 840.000 lbs.

RERP includes also:
- strengthened of the wings
- installation of new webs
- new flap and slat hydraulic actuators
- new flap jack screws
- highspeed undercarriage motors
- up to 8000 wire harnesses

After this upgrade the C-5 will be designated as C-5M. Originnaly it was planned to update the entire fleet by 2019.

In July 2011, Lockheed Martin delivered the 3rd C-5M to the USAF.

C-5 takeoff

Prime contractor: Lockheed-Georgia Co.
Power plant: 4 x General Electric TF-39-1C engines
Thrust: 43.000 pond per motor
Maximum Cargo: 122. 472 Kg
High speed cruise: mach 0.79
Long range cruise speed: 0.77 mach
Maximum range: 6320 Nautical Miles
Fuel capacity: 150.819 kg
Required take-off distance with 797.000lb: 2987m
Required landing rollout with 280.000lb: 747m
Length: 75.3 meters
Height: 19.84 meters
Cargo Compartment length: 43.8 meters
Cargo Compartment height: 4.11 meters
Cargo Compartment width: 5.79 meter
Inventory: 126 airplanes with the US Air Force
Wing span: 67.91 meters
Wing area: 576.0 m2
Wing sweep: 25 degrees
Range with 263.200lb: 4445km

United States Air Force C-5 Galaxy
C-5M C-5M Cockpit  
C-5M C-5M C-5M
CF6-80C2 engines C-5M  
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Last updated: July 24, 2011