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Boeing KC-767

The KC-767 is a tanker version of the commercial Boeing 767-200ER and has been developed by Boeing. Besides the KC-767 is a tanker, it can also be used for cargo and passenger transport or in combination.
At the moment, Boeing has 2 contracts with Italy and Japan for the delivery of KC-767 tanker Aircraft.
On 24 february 2004 the first KC-767-A (determined for Italy) came out of production. The airplane will first have some test flights and would be operational with the Italian Air Force in 2006. Italy has ordered 4 aircraft.

All Japanese KC-767 have been delivered. In 2010 there is still no Italian KC-767 is operational with the Italian Air Force

KC-767 Italy KC-767 Italy with an F-15 KC-767 Italy
KC-767 flight deck KC-767 Japan Schematic USAF KC-767 with F-22

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Last updated: August 7, 2010