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B-1B Lancer Technical

After the cold war all B-1 bombers where updated by B-1B Conventional Mission Upgrade which was separated into 4 blocks, from block C till block F. Thanks to this the B-1 can fly lower (to fly beneath enemy radar) and has more advanced electronics.
The B1 has 3 weapon storage's for the bombs. Extra bombs can be carried under the aircraft's wings. The B-1 can be equipped with the most bombs which are use by the USAF military.

The B-1B is equipped with 4 F101-GE-102 turbofan engines with afterburner. Each engine provides more than 30.000 lbs thrust. The F101 engine was originally developed during the development of a new aircraft with the project name: Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft program
. The F101-GE-101 engines was introduced by General Electric in 1970. After test flights with 4 B-1B's, the General Electric has developed a improved version; the F101-GE-102. There have been delivered 469 of these engines between 1983 and 1986 to the USAF.

The engines are mounted beneath the wing roots, near the main gears. There are 2 separate air inlet ducts on both sides.
F101-GE-102 turbofan engine with afterburner

Cockpit information B-1B Lancer

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Number Name Description
1 unknown  
2 Backup: vertical speed indicator and altitude indicator Left is the backup vertical speed indicator (VSI) and right the backup altitude indicator. The VSI provides information of vertical speed, this indicator has a logarithmic scale. The altitude indicator is in feet.
3 Stick There are 2 sticks, one for the pilot-flying and one for the pilot-not flying. With the stick they can control movements of the control surfaces (like spoilers, ailerons, stabilizer).
4 Backup magnetic compass Reserve compass.
5 Backup artificial horizon Reserve artificial horizon with integrated slip indicator
6 Primary Flight Display Contains the basic information for flying. The B-1B has it displayed on a CRT or LCD display. Normally there will be displayed more information the the PFD when its electronic.
7 Multi Function Display System Indicators for the (4) engines
8   Indicators for information of the stabilizer configuration and left en right: spoilers, flaps and slats. There is also information of the spoilers trim and speed brakes.
9   panel to control the landing gear (UP, DOWN, OFF)
10 pedal To control movements of the rudder
11   panel for flying on low altitude
12 gas handle 4 of them, 1 to control to thrust of each engine

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Last updated: August 7, 2010