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F-111 Aardvark (General Dynamics)

The F-111 has been developed by General Dynamics. The F-111 aircraft flied from 1964 till 1996 for the US Air Force as a supersonic tactical bomber jet.
The fighter was only in use by the USAF but the Aircraft had lots of problems. Only the last version the F-111F had the specifications which were planned in the beginning. There were build 563 Aircraft in different versions. The last version was build in 1975: the EF-111A Raven which was a electrical warfare platform.
The F-111 is still in service with the Australian Air Force.


Design organisation General Dynamics
Main secundary design organisations Pratt & Whitney
Production organisaton General Dynamics
Primary task Interdiction and counterair
Type aircraft Fighter jet
Specials Variable-geometry wings
Length 73 ft 6 in
Height 17 ft
Wingspan 63 ft extended, 32 ft swept
Wing surface 525 square ft (48.77 m2)
Aspect ratio  
Sweep back  
Engines 2x TF30-P-3 (F-111A) with afterburner
2x TF30-P-9 (F-111D) with afterburner
2x TF30-P-7 (F-111G) with afterburner
2x TF30-P-100 (F-111F) with afterburner
Thrust 18,500 lb (TF30-P-3)
20,842 lb (TF30-P-9)
20,350 lb (TF30-P-7)
25,100 lb (TF30-P-100
Weight (empty) 47,481 lb
Weight (start, maximum, MTOW) 92,657 lb
Weight (landing, maximum, MLW)  
Required runway length (start)  
Required runway length (landing)  
Cruise speed 685 mph
Maximum speed 1452 mph
Ceiling 57,000 ft
Maximum range 3632 miles
Fuel capacity  
Air-to-air-refueling capability Yes
Passengers none
Payload none
Armament Possible combination of:

- 1x 20mm M61A1 gun
Maximum weapon load  
Maximum G resistance  
Type flight controls  
Landing gear  
Versions F-111A, FB-111A, F-111B, F-111C, F-111D, , F-111F, F-111G, F-111G EF-111A,
Manufactured 563
Crew 2
Overall flight hours  
First flight December 1964
First delivery 1967 (USA)
1973 (Australia)
Operational since  
Successor of  
Replaced by United States (1998): F-15E, EA-18G
Australia (2010): F/A-18 Super Hornet
Comparable aircraft Tornado
Operators (current and future) Australia, United States
Main operators United States Air Force
Amphibious usage No, the Navy's F-111B version was cancelled
Status out of production, out of operational service

US Air Force Australia Australia


1. Australian Air Force Museum
2. U.S. Air Force Museum
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Last updated: 2 August 2014