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F-16 Falcon Technical

The F-16 is a one-engine aircraft which can be equipped with the F100-PW-200, F100-PW-220, F100-PW-229 from Pratt & Whitney or the F110-GE-100 or F110-GE-129 from General Electric.
All engines are turbofan type with afterburner.
The newest engine - F100-PW-229 - is used on the F-16's Block 52.

The United States Air Fore uses all of these engine on her enormous F-16 fleet. The Royal Netherlands Air Force used the the F100-PW-220 from Pratt & Whitney. This is a low bypass, twin-spool (low and high pressure compressor) turbofan engine with afterburner.

The P&W F100 engine has a full length annular fan type, a 3-stage low pressure compressor (together with the fan driven by the LDT on the N1-axis), 10-stage high pressure compressor (driven by the HDT on the N2-axis), an annular type combustion chamber, 2-stage low pressure turbine, 2-stage high pressure turbine and a variable geometric nozzle.

To avoid stall in the compressor, the starter engine is connected to the HPC which will rotate the N2-axis first. Later the LDC will also be activated by aerodynamic coupling.

F100-PW-200 (photo 1).
photo 1 F100-PW

Specifications F100-PW-200
Thrust 15000 lbs and 25000 lbs with afterburner

T combustion chamber

1400 Celsius with afterburner
Length 4.86 meters
Weight 1370 kg
Diameter 1.18 meters

Specifications F100-PW-220
Thrust 14670 lbs and 23830 lbs with afterburner
T nozzle: 742 Celsius en 1650 Celsius with afterburner
Length 4.85 meters
Weight 1460 kg

Fuel system
The F-16 has 2 internal fuel tanks (front and aft), 2 integral wing tanks (left and right) and 2 external fuel tanks on both sides beneath the wing. With the Air Refuel Receptacle, fuel can be pomped in by a tanker aircraft but only by a boom system.

F-16 General
The F-16 can carry a lot of bombs like: AGM-65G Maverick, AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-120B Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air-Missile, laser guided bombs GBU and the Mk. 80 series bombs.
The F-16 has 1 engine and has a maximum speed of 2020km/h (without bombs). The aircraft can resist 9G forces.

the Netherlands
All F-16's in the Royal Netherlands Air Force have been updated under the name Midlife Update.
In 2004 they've got a new update: M3 software update. Most important on the M3 upgrade was the addition of Link 16. Around 2008 there will be around 1000 F-16's in the NATO which can be useful in a link 16 network (400 European F-16's and 600 US F-16's). In 2006 the first F-16s were updated with M4 software.

Specifications RNLAF F-16AM / F-16BM

Length: 15.05 meters
Height: 5.00 meters
Wingspan: 10.00 meters
Power plant: 1 Pratt & Whitney 100-PW-220e turbofan engine
Thrust: 15.000 lbs without afterburner and 25.000 lbs with afterburner
Weight (empty): approximately 11000 kilograms
Weight (maximum): 16.000 kilograms
Speed: maximum of 2020 km/h (without extern armament)
Range: 2700 km
Ceiling: 17 km
Inventory: 213 aircraft bought (177 oneseaters and 36 doubleseaters). At the moment 108 F-16s
Stationed: Volkel AFB and Leeuwarden AFB

With the purchase of 40 new F-16C/D fighter jets for Greece hellenic Air Force, they will also buy the following systems to equip their modern F-16's.

42x Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems
190x LAU-129/A launchers
40x AN/AVS-9 Generation III aviation night vision goggles
48x Link 16 Multifunctional Information Distribution System-Low Volume terminals (MIDS-LVT)
3x Link 16 ground stations
10x LANTIRN targeting pods
11x reconnaissance pods
2x reconnaissance ground stations
40x APX-113 advanced identification friend of foe system (IFF)
43x AN/ALQ-187 advanced Self-Protection Integrated Suites
6x spare F100-PW-229 engines
3x APG-68(V)9 spare radar sets
4x AGM-145C Joint Standoff Weapons
6x Joint Direct Attack Munitions (3 BLU-10 & 3 Mk 84 bombs)
4x Wind Compensated Munitions Dispensers

The F-16MLU M3 fighter jets from the Royal Danish Air Force have:


AN/ALQ -213(V), Electronic Warfare Management System:
- advanced Threat display
- 3-dimensional audio system & active noise reduction
- tactical data-unit for data loading/unloading and recording

On the wings

Station 3, ECIPS+:
Upgraded pylon with three AAR-60(V)2 MWS sensors and ALQ-162(V)6 RF RF hammer
Station 7, PIDS+
Upgraded pylon with three AAR-60(V)2 MWS sensors, processor and chaff/flare dispenser.

On aircraft centerline
- Modular reconnaissance pod, MRP allowing various combinations of sensors such as electro-optical, infra-red line scanners, Synthetic Aperture Radars and others.
Provisions for real-time downlink.

F-16AM from the Royal Netherlands Air Force
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Last updated: July 20, 2010