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Navy Ships-->Command Ships-->Zr. Ms. Zeven Provinciën
Zr. Ms. Zeven Provinciën

The Dutch LCF frigates are new command and air-defence frigates of the Royal Netherlands Navy, developed by the Dutch company Schelde. The ships are equipped with facilities to provide command facilities for the staff of a naval squadronBesides they are equipped with weapon systems for the air-defence of an entire naval squadron. Characteristics are the stealth capabilities of the ships.
Other characteristics are the large radars on the frigate which has been developed by the Dutch part of Thales.
The Dutch Ministry of Defense wanted to equip the LCF with the cruise missile Tomahawk.

Zeven Provinciën class

Designation Operational since
Zr. Ms. De Zeven Provinciën (F 802) 26-4-2002
Zr. Ms. Tromp (F 803) 14-3-2003
Zr. Ms. De Ruyter (F 804) 22-4-2004
Zr. Ms. Evertsen (F 805) 10-6-2005

Specifications Zeven Provinciën Class
Main builder Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (the Netherlands)
Length 144.24 meters
Beam 18.80 meters
Draught 5.18 meters
Displacement 6.050 tons (at fully payload)
Propulsion 2 x Rolls-Royce Spey SM1C gasturbines a 39 MW (52.300 pk)
2 x Stork-Wartsila 16V26ST diesels a 10 MW (13.600 pk)
2 x 2 Paxman Valenta type 1650 kW
Maximum speed 29 knots
Cruise speed 18 knots
Range 5000 nautical miles (at 18 knots)
Crew 174 (202 + staff)
Armament Vertical Launch System (VLS) Mk 41 for 40x:
Enhanced Sea Sparrow missile, Standard Missile (SM2-MR Block IIIA) and SSM Harpoon missile
(the 40 will be enlarged to 48)

2x Goalkeeper, Oto Breda-kanon 127 mm, Oerlikon-mitrailleurs 20 mm, Mk. 46 mod 5 torpedo's
Payload staff of an naval squadron
Aircraft / Helicopters 1x Lynx or NH90NFH helicopter
Squadrons aboard  
Systems Sonar
HMS, STN Atlas
Thales APAR air search/fire control
Thales Smart-L air search
Weapons control
Thales SIRIUS optronic director
Vesta Helo director
Combat information systems
Link 11/16
4 x SRBOC launchers
Nixie torpedo decoy
Operational since see above
Ships of this class 4
Operator Royal Netherlands Navy

F802 Zeven Provinciën
F803 Tromp with F/A-18E's on the
USS Truman
F803 Tromp at Pearl Harbor F805 Evertsen
F804 De Ruyter + French Mirage    
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Last updated: August 16, 2010