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Pieter Florisz

A standard frigate is developed to destroy other surface ships, air threats and under water threats. The name standard frigates comes that all frigates in the 70ths have been standardize according to NATO-rules. All S-frigates have a board helicopter (which has a dipping sonar).
In the beginning of the 80ths the Dutch government decided to buy 12 new standard frigates from the Royal Company de Schelde for the Royal Netherlands Navy. A few years later they decided to buy 8 of them. 2 have been directly sold to Greece. 2 other S-frigates adjusted specially for air-defense. Later they give them the name L-frigates with the name Hr.Ms. Jacob van Heemskerck and Hr.Ms. Witte de With)

The 8 S-frigates got the name
F807 Hr.Ms. Kortenaer F823 Hr.Ms. Philips van Almonde
F808 Hr.Ms. Callenburgh F824 Hr.Ms. Bloys van Treslong
F809 Hr.Ms. Van Kinsbergen F825 Hr.Ms. Jan van Brakel
F810 Hr.Ms. Banckert F826 Hr.Ms. Pieter Florisz

Pieter Florisz
The Standard frigate Pieter Florisz (F-826) was operational since 1984 with the Royal Netherlands Navy. The ship has been part of operations during the Gulfwar and during the preservation of the embargo-operations against the former Joegoslavië in the Adriatic Sea. On 7 June 2001 the ship has been sold to Greece for 95 million gulden.
The ship is now part of the Greece Navy (Hellenic Navy) with the name F463 Bouboulina.

Sale S-frigates
On the moment the Netherlands doesn't have any S-frigates anymore. Before they had 3 S-frigates. All S-frigates have been sold to Greece which has now 10 S-frigates which have been build in The Netherlands.
On 4 july 2001, vice-admiral C. van Duyvendijk decided to discharge 2 S-frigates from the Royal netherlands Navy. The ships are: Hr.Ms. Jan van Brakel and Hr.Ms. Philips van Almonde.
On 27 march 2002 Hr.Ms. Jan van Brakel has been sold to Greece for 38.5 million euro. On 26 June 2002 they discharged Hr.Ms. Philips van Almonde when it came back from Operation Enduring Freedom and has also been sold to Greece.

The ship has a length of 130.5 meters. The width is 14.6 meters and has depth of 6.2 meters. The ship is propelled by 4 gas turbines. The ship has a maximum speed of 32 knots. There are working 132 men on a S-frigate.

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