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Inventory weaponsystems Finnish armed forces

Army 120 mm, model 92 Mortar
T-72 M1 Battle Tank 83M, TOW 2 Anti-tank missile
BMP-2 Assault tank 112 mm, model APILAS grenade launcher
SISU NA 110, NASU Transport vehicle AGS-17 grenade machine gun
Sisu XA-185, Pasi (Pasi means Patria) 122 Rakh 89 Multiple rocket launcher (MRL)
Sisu SA 241 CKH NS-12.7 AA Machine gun
tpsv 90 Marksman AA Tank 23 ItK 61 mod Light AA Gun
ItO 86 M Igla Short range AA Missile 35 ItK 88 Automatic AA gun
ItO 90, Crotale NG Point defence AA missile Pohjamiina 87 94 anti-tank mines
ItO 96, BUK M1 Area defence AA missile Sisu RA-140 DS, Raisu Demining vehicle
JOKE 87 AA command centre (mounted on a Pasi vehicle) Pontoon unit 73 Amphibious equipment
152 H 88 Howitzer Artillery  
155 K 83 Field canon artillery  
122 PsH 74 Armoured Howitzer  

Air Force  
F-18C Hornet Mi-8 Transport helicopter
Valmet Vinka (Early trainer) Learjet 35A/S
Hawk Mk 51 (Jet Trainer)  

Meriuisko transport vessels
Minelayers from the Pansio class
Missle FACs schips from the Rauma class 130 TK Turret guns
Missile FACs anti-aircraft ships from the Rauma class MtO-85 Naval defense missiles


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