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Inventory weaponsystems Israeli armed forces

Army (not completed)   BM-24 240mm
Merkava tanks Fuchs 1 L-33 155mm
M60 tanks M-113 M-107 175mm
M48/A5 tanks BRDM-2 M-109 A1/A2
Centurion tanks APC M-110 203mm
T-54/55 tanks BGM-71 TOW BM-21 122mm
T-62 tanks M47 Dragon anti-tank LAR-160 160mm
  Gill LAR-290 290mm
Carl Gustav MAR-290 290mm
AT-3 MLRS 227mm

Air Force    
Fighter jets Electronic warfare Training
F-15A/B Baz EC-707 GROB G-120A
F-15C/D Akef Gulfstream V TA-4J
F-15I Ra'am King Air 2000 TA-4H
F-16A/B Netz IAI-201 CM-170
F-16C/D Do-28 D1 Others
F-16I Soufa RC-12D IAI-1124
F-35 (19 planned) Ru-21A Islander
  EC-130H Cessna U-206
  Helicopters B-80 Queen Air
Tankers AH-64A UAV
KC-707 AH-64D Longbow Scout
KC-130H AH-1E/F Cobra Searcher
Transport AS-565A Firebee 147
C-130H Hercules SA-366G Hunter
Boeing 707 CH-53A/D Hermes 450
C-47 S-70A / UH-60L Samson
  UH-60L TPT Delilah
UH-60A Silver Arrow
Bell 212 / UH-1N SkyEye
Bell 206B Harpy

Navy(not completed)


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Last updated: August 17, 2010