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Inventory weaponsystems Italian armed forces

Army Sidam Flying Flying
Centauro M106 A1 120mm mortier A-129 Mangusta AB-205
Ariete C-1 M 577 A-109 A TOW AB-206
Leopard 1 M 548 CH-47 Chinook AB-212
M113 A-1 FIAT 6614 G P-180 Piaggio AB-412
VCC-1 LAND ROVER AR 90 Do-228 Dornier  
VCC-2 FIAT VM 90    
Dardo LVT - P7    

Air Force    
AMX Airbus A319CJ P.166DL3
Eurofighter Typhoon Falcon 50 P.180
F-16ADF Falcon 900EX S.208M
Tornado IDS Grob G.103 SF.260
Tornado IT-ECR Gulfstream III Boeing 707 T/T
C-130H Br. 1150 Atlantic Boeing KC-767
C-130J MB.339A NH-500E
C-130J-30 MB.339CD AB.212
G.222 RQ-1A Predator (UAV) HH-3F
C-27J Spartan   SH-3DT/S

Navy (not completed)  
Aircraft Carrier AV-8B Harrier

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Last updated: August 17, 2010