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Inventory Countries-->Saudi-Arabia

Inventory weaponsystems Air Force Saudi-Arabia

Air Force    
Tornado IDS / ADV Bell 212 Boeing 747
F-5 Bell 205 Boeing 757
F-15 Bell 412 Boeing BBJ
AH-64 Apache S-61 Sea King CASA CN-235
  AS 532 Cougar C-130 Hercules
E-3 Sentry SA 365 Dauphin BAe 125
  AS 332 Super Puma Bae Hawk
Cessna 550 KV-107 (CH-46) BAe Jetstream
Cessna 172 S-70 Learjet 35
PC-9 UH-60 Black Hawk MFI-17 Mushshak
    Gulfstream III



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Last updated: August 17, 2010