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Saab Viggen 37E (Sweden)

The Viggen 37E has been developed by the Swedish Saab Industries. Sweden was the only user of this aircraft with 329 jets. The viggen has been withdrawn from service in 2005 and was replaced by the Saab gripen.
The aircraft has capabilities for short take-off/landing. From the 329 aircraft there are different versions like: attack jet, training jet, 2 reconnaissance versions, a more powerful jet.

The more powerful version viggen jet has newer, avionics, newer air-to-air missiles en Europeans first pulse-doppler-radar. Just like the Saab Draken the Viggen has 2 delta wings. In front of the wings are 2 smaller deltawings assembled. The Saab Viggen can be equipped with bombs and has for self-protection a board canon.


Design organisation Saab
Main secundary design organisations  
Production organisaton Saab, Sweden
Primary task  
Type aircraft Fighter jet
Length 16.4 meters
Height 5.9 meters
Wingspan 10.6 meters
Wing surface  
Aspect ratio  
Sweep back  
Engines 1x Volvo RM8A
Thrust 11,800 kp
Weight (empty)  
Weight (start, maximum, MTOW)  
Weight (landing, maximum, MLW)  
Required runway length (start) +/- 400 meters
Required runway length (landing) +/- 500 meters
Cruise speed  
Maximum speed Mach 2
Maximum range  
Fuel capacity  
Air-to-air-refueling capability  
Passengers none
Payload none
Armament Possible combination of:

- 30mm Oerlikon board canon
- IR homing missiles
- Standoff missiles
- Saab 04E
- Saab 05A
Maximum weapon load 6000 kgs
Maximum G resistance  
Type flight controls  
Landing gear  
Versions AJ37, SH37, SF37, JA37, SK37
Overall flight hours  
First flight  
First delivery 1972
Operational since  
Successor of  
Replaced by Saab Gripen
Comparable aircraft  
Operators (current and future) Sweden
Main operators Sweden
Amphibious usage No
Status Out of operational service

Saab Viggen 37 in former service with the Swedish Air Force
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Last updated: 18 January 2014