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Global View Dutch Military

Royal Netherlands Army
0 tanks Leopard 2 A6 (65 in storage)

CV-9035 (Future vehicles)
YPR-765 (about 1600 vehicles in different versions)
Patria XA-188 (70 vehicles)

Fuchs 1 amd Fuchs 2

Fennek (410 vehicles)
M-109 Howitzer (39 vehicles)
Boxer (Future vehicles)
PRTL Cheetah (0 vehicles)
PZH 2000 (36 vehicles)

Royal Netherlands Air Force
F-16AM /BM (68 airplanes) 19 others in storage
Gulfstream IV (1 aircraft)

Fokker 50 (2 aircraft, out of operational service)
C-130-H30 hercules (2 and 2 C-130H)

KDC-10 (2 aircraft and one DC-10 aircraft in storage since May 9th, 2011)
AH-64D Apache (29 helicopters)

CH-47D Chinook (11 helicopters, become 17 CH-47F)
Cougar MK II (3 helicopters) will become 0
14 in storage

Alouette III (4 heli's)
PC-7 (13 aircraft)

Patriot launch systems (3 batteries) 1 battery in storage


Royal Netherlands Navy
LCF Frigates (4 ships)

Landing Platform Dock (2 ships)
Landing Platform Dock (2 ships)
Multi-purpose frigates (2 ships)
Submarines (4 )

Mine Clear (6 ships, 4 in storage)
Westland Lynx (21 heli's, will be replaced by NH90)
One is being kept in Lybia
NH90 NFH (4 heli's, become 12 NFH & 8 MTTH)

Royal Netherlands Marines Corps
Patria XA-188 (20 vehicles) will become 0
M47 Dragon
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